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Talk at A-Soc on Intelligent Design


A while back I held a little talk loosely based on my Intelligent Design essay for the Leeds Atheist Society. I’ve had the video cluttering up my hard drive for a while but only now figured out how to convert and embed it, so there you go. The sound quality is shoddy and my accent is thick but hopefully I’m understandable.

If, for some unfathomable reason, you want, you can download the slides from the talk here.

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One Response to “Talk at A-Soc on Intelligent Design”

  1. Terry says:

    I am not a complex thinker nor would I be able to argue either side of intelligent design convincingly, but your rational logic convinces me that there are many lame arguments made for both sides. Your accent doesn’t detract from your presentation and your English is excellent; much better than spoken by most Americans. You could really have a church full of God-believers squirming uncomfortably in their pews and launching verbal attacks on your origins. That is meant as a compliment. That said, I’d say your participation in the Pastafarian group hug makes you a good sport. Liked you take on scripture from the hotel bible , btw.

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