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Why I can’t take Sea Shepherd seriously

The 29th of June the Facebook page of Sea Shepherd Denmark wrote about how Faroese police threatens tourists with fines and up to 2 years imprisonment for refusing to participate in Faroese whaling. It’s since been pointed out to them numerous times that this simply isn’t true. Yet they have to date never issued a correction let alone an apology for their false reporting as basic human decency, journalistic ethics, and intellectual integrity otherwise would demand.

Sea Shepherd also have proclaimed a list of rules for debating on their Facebook page, which include such choice items as “don’t use arguments that have already been rebutted” and “don’t keep repeating undocumented claims.” So I asked them, speaking of which, when were they going to issue a correction and/or apology for having reported something that wasn’t true? Their response? They deleted my comment and banned me from commenting on their page. This is fairly par for the course and representative of my experiences with debating Sea Shepherd in general. For instance, Paul Watson still hasn’t acknowledged or apologised for his lie that there are Minamata victims on the Faroe Islands.

Look, I get being riled up and disagreeing vehemently with people on certain issues. By all means, be angry, be passionate, be vocal about your point of view that Faroese whaling is wrong. However, if you’re unable to support this point of view without resorting to lying – which it is. Let’s be frank, if it were an honest mistake you wouldn’t mind correcting it – if you wilfully perpetuate falsehoods after it’s been pointed out to you they’re falsehoods, even if you believed it to be true when you initially shared it, you are a liar. And if you then systemically quash critical voices pointing out your mistake, you’ve graduated from liar to propagandist.

If you’re unable to argue your point of view without deceit, then no, you cannot be taken seriously.

And it doesn’t bode well for the merits of your point of view either.

Update: They just repeated their false claim less then an hour ago.

Update 2: This evening Jacob Vestergaard, Minster of Fisheries, contradicted the statement by the Faroese government in saying the new law would be enforced to the letter. It’s doubtful that’s even possible. How do you go about proving that someone saw a whale pod and didn’t report it?

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