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Why I can’t take Sea Shepherd seriously pt. 2

endbSguLPaul Watson of Sea Shepherd is angry that some unnamed official representative of the Faroe Islands supposedly dropped out of a televised debate with him. He’s now issued a challenge to any Faroese whaler or whaling supporter to debate him in the alleged offical’s stead. He’s making out that Faroese people are scared to debate him.

If he wants to debate Faroese whalers and whaling supporters and if he’s interested in them seeing his challenge at all, however, he might want to consider revoking his ban, dating from 13/08/2015, prohibiting every single person with a Faroese IP from seeing his Facebook page.

Who’s scared to debate who again?

Look, by all means be against Faroese whaling, but for crying out loud stop supporting this manipulative and dishonest hypocrite. He doesn’t care about whales, he doesn’t care about truth, he only cares about your money.

He’s not even present here on the Faroe Islands. He hides behind a keyboard spreading lies and propaganda, while fleecing impressionable young idealogues and sending them to do his dirty work for him.

Post edit: Not to mention that maybe Faroese officials don’t have the time to debate Paul Watson what with the upcoming general election on September 1st and all.

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2 Responses to “Why I can’t take Sea Shepherd seriously pt. 2”

  1. Magni Joensen says:

    I have had a small conversation going with Captain Paul Watson on facebook… I am 100% sure that it is an angry 15 year old conTROLLing that page… hos choice of words was comparable with an angry bieber fan…

    • DisThoughts says:

      That sounds about right from my experiences with talking to him. Fun fact: even though I live on the Faroe Islands my ISP routes my internet through a Danish IP, so I’m not banned from seeing his Facebook page. I am, however, personally banned from commenting on it.

      “I don’t understand why nobody wants to debate me even though I keep consoring anyone who wants to debate me!”

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