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Thoughts on atheists being in the minority

It’s true that the world contains more religious people than it does atheists, but consider it from a slightly different perspective. Regardless of what you believe, you must acknowledge the undeniable fact that even your religious beliefs are those of a tiny minority. We know with absolute certainty that no matter what the real religious truth is, the vast majority is wrong. There simply isn’t a significant amount of the Earth’s population that believes specifically and exactly the same set of religious beliefs.

Even given that we atheists are wrong, we must then necessarily conclude that whichever god there is, is either an atrociously ineffective communicator or completely indifferent to whether we humans hold true beliefs.

In either case I’m not particularly worried about said god holding me responsible for not believing. Quite obviously I am not responsible.

Not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence!

– Betrand Russel on what he’d respond if God asked him why he didn’t believe.

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