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Science Fictional Reality

I awoke at about 4 am for no reason whatsoever. I had a very restless night. A couple of days ago a good friend of mine recommended me the comic Doktor Sleepless. It’s a comic-book about our lack of ability to envision the future even when it is staring us right in the face. I really like that theme because largely it describes our current condition. We are living in science fiction and most of us don’t even know it. When I bring this up people just look at me funny. Case in point did you know that teleportation is real? Yes, fucking teleportation has been invented. Granted, they can’t teleport people, cars, or food for Africa or anything. This is the objection people usually have when I try to get them excited about living in a science fictional reality.

“Oh, that’s nothing. You can’t teleport people.”

Excuse me? We’re talking about teleportation here. Actual honest to Pasta teleportation. Who cares about it not being perfected yet or whatever? It’s teleportation. Why aren’t you excited?

Anyway, to get back to my day so far. I woke up and felt like reading some Doktor Sleepless. However, since I am back at the Faroe Islands and we have little to speak of in the comic-peddling department, I downloaded a couple of issues from rapidshare. That’s the future intruding upon your reality again with you having nothing but apathy to greet it with. If the actuality of teleportation didn’t excite you, I wouldn’t expect a global, instantaneous library in which you at any time can access all of humanity’s literature on a whim to get it up for you either. Sure, it’s illegal but so was taping films from the TV onto VHS or music from the radio onto casettes, and that didn’t stop you, did it? Perhaps it did, but it sure didn’t stop me.

Anyway, Doktor Sleepless just told me to check out the album Saint Dymphna by Gang Gang Dance, so in a matter of 5 seconds I had downloaded that as well. Science Fiction I tell you, and I just published my thoughts instantaneously to a potentially world-wide audience.

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One Response to “Science Fictional Reality”

  1. telepathy is upon us!

    kudos for the taped shows.. people think “heey.. everybody did that” they usually can´t link all the “stop piracy” ads nowaydays to something so innocent like taping your favourite show back in the 90´s:)

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