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Should Homosexuals be allowed to Adopt?

No child left behind except for those our bigotry won't adopt

Let me come straight off the bat and say that I resent what is inherently implicit in this question. As if it were a valid ethical discussion in the first place. Why are we even debating this? Is there a single valid argument as to why they should not be allowed to enjoy these same rights as everyone else? This question invariably impinges just as grindingly upon my psyche’s Humbug-detector as any question would, were it to question the extent heterosexuals, socialists, ethnic immigrants etc. should be allowed the same. Throughout all the pompous babble of those who would blush with indignation by the mere thought of two people, who by happenstance were born the same sex and enjoy the company of each other – carnal and otherwise – being allowed to raise a child in a loving and nurturing environment, I have yet to sort out any cogent justification for their “righteous” fury. I assure you that I have attempted such a feat on many occasions but apparently it is beyond my humble capabilities.

As much of their self-perceived moral high-ground is hinged upon the idea of homosexuality as a morally repulsive sin, I have on numerous times proposed the following challenge: name just one reason why homosexuality is wrong and I will, by my word, join your crusade. I can picture the fervent leafing through the Bible and subsequent clattering of keyboard-keys already. However, there are two rules that you must adhere to in this challenge: firstly, no religious references are allowed. The reasoning behind this is quite simple; the Bible’s say-so is no more a valid argument for homosexuality being immoral than it is for the existence of unicorns. (Yes, it does purport both.) Secondly, there are to be no appeals to nature. The fact that homosexuality does indeed occur quite frequently amongst nature’s species aside, morality can never be inferred simply from what is natural. If you are reading this it is because I wrote it on an unnatural medium and presumably you are also reading it on one such.

I will grant, though, that homosexuality not being wrong does not automatically exempt homosexuals from scrutiny in regards to their child-raising qualifications. Still, you should have given up by now. The only arguments left stand on rickety ground indeed. I am almost embarrassed to even treat the following seriously, as any intelligent person will see it for what it is. But for the sake of a complete whole I shall include this moronic line of thought. It is the notion that a child raised by homosexuals will develop a skewed world-view and be at considerable risk of growing up to be a homosexual itself. “Heavens, no!” one is tempted to retort sarcastically “Just as heterosexual clearly beget solely heterosexual children. And woe be us if people grow up to consider homosexuality as something commonplace!” Another such argument, albeit not quite so devoid of common sense, is that a child has a need of both a male and a female role model in order to develop a healthy mental state.

It might be the case that such classical role models would be preferable, still many people throughout history have been raised by a single parent or, for instance, by a mother and her mother, (the latter being exactly equivalent) and, to my knowledge, no more of them grew up with an unhealthy psyche than is statistically probable for everyone. Besides, try asking any orphaned, little girl living in poverty, hunger and misery, which she would prefer; staying parentless or be raised by no more than two loving fathers who happen to be homosexual, providing her with a secure home and all the necessities of life. The presumed missing female role model (presumed because most likely at least one of the men would have a mother, a sister, a friend etc.) could always be found elsewhere or one of her foster-fathers could be effeminate.

The question really is not if homosexuals should be allowed to adopt. The question is rather why they currently are not. It is a case of the homophobic opposition having failed miserably to present any reason whatsoever as to their immature foot-stomping and putting-fingers-in-ears in hope that everyone will simply forget the issue if they alternately repeat incoherent bigotry ad nauseam and completely ignore any mention of a factually sober rebuttal of their holier-than-thou rhetoric.

The age of enlightenment was a long time ago. It is time you grew up and gave everyone equal rights. Allow gay marriage and adoption already. And while we are at it, elect a black, lesbian, atheist woman in a wheel-chair president, prime minister – or whichever political post of prominence is equivalent in your country – the next time around.

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