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Are you there God?

The raven of inadequate pigmentation
Is back and sick of bitch’s shit and big abnegations
I decided to stick around to be bad & exhibit no abrasions
Henceforth I flow evasive to a tense court of soulless slaves
& I chose to lend force and be cold when facing
A hole in this place where I was thrown away from
Leave me alone & stay yon’ those played puns
Are flayed for fun; faith’s festering far beyond
I just hope my companions can forgive me farther on
I didn’t want to stay a far here from apart from bonds
I had spent a great deal of time building up
I’ve tried to heal and find the will I sought
What a chilling thought that this bitch still is fucked
So now I reeled and fought tired of being oppressed
By liars thinking themselves higher than this tired “being of jest”
Just because I denied this anti-benign increasing finesse
To unleash your greasy tests, I guess it’s easy being obsessed
So heed this text and flee from you nest of cheaper flesh
I’ll just keep my feet on my desk and watch what happens
Just leave me alone if you’re known to be one of un-justful acting
And fuck this rapping! You mournful cats give me
a migraine, pain in my brain above all aspirin
I shovel a mass of shit and I won’t be harassed to quit no more
Next time you have a fit don’t even think of snagging my shit, you whore

Are you there God?

(Only dead silence resounds)

My mind is shifting indifferently – do you see?
In its sick epiphanies of wishful thinking seethes
A fistful of pitfalls – pitches only pit-bulls can heed
I ricochet out of harm’s ignorant way
I tilt and I sway as I try to ignore that my mind is all sore
And that there’s a mighty leech stored, inked and engraved
Into the hilt of my blade – my will is depraved
And it doesn’t seem like I’m soon to comprehend
Why I’m in this dream and I’m doomed to roam these glens
In the gloom of my own den in my room I atone amends
But it never loaned me strength, I’m lonely and spent
If only I’d get an answer as to why I am here please
God, what’s the world doing for me or I for it? Don’t lie to my query
What is it doing to me or what I’m I doing to it?
I’m afraid you’ll soon see that I just up might ruin it
From every Rubik’s cube that I shift to every fluid I spit
I always rooted to get to be one of the truest of wits
So I stupidly set to free my useless muse
with a used short-fused TNT-stick BOOM!
Little did I know that the cost of artistic inspiration
Will belittle your whole happiness with certain indignation
So now I tickle my dome dipping my own pen with my pain
& sit in contemplation if I’d rather wish to condone life or life’s creations

Are you there God?

(Yet again there is naught but silence)

Why the fuck won’t you answer me?!
All my past I’ve been loyal to you disastrously
And here I thought you were a caring God
I swear you won’t dare to flood, you arrogant slob
It’s tearing me up! What did you breed me here after?
Am I just broke bloke, a joke, a reason for laughter?!
I need you to answer, fuck you! You evil deceitful “Master”
Yeah I said it so smite me, strike me down with lightning
Just bow and bite me! I can’t take it no more
I’ve tried to be stout in fighting but you’re just breaking me more
I ate your chow and liked it but you just sedated it more
While you stayed faceless and I faithfully faced faeces and mourned
Now I’m in pieces – I’m torn – still I try to be meek and implore
Because what it means when I’m worn is I just need your bliss more
Isn’t it ironic though? You follow on, turn the other cheek & ignore
Thus falling on your own scriptures while I wither & steeply detour
*Sigh* Sorry, I just don’t understand what you need me here for
As I see it I’m a sore excuse for an abuse of the word “ineffability”
I’m a morbid atrouse morgue without use and an extra disutility

But are you there God?

Are you there?

God: Will you shut the fuck up already you whining twit?!

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