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Intelligence/Extelligence Benevolence

In the great hand of God I stand
and thence against the undivulged pretence
I fight of treasonous malice!
resent people keeping their intellect in their phallos

morally inept drank whiskey kept in a carpenteral chalice!
feminine sex – the weaker too strong – menstrual haggis *cough*
contempt consenting consensual habits’ the consequential tragic
socially unacceptable like I meant it to happen

But does the light cast the shadow or the shadow cast the light?

am I expected to do magic then travel light through life? I
win bets ’cause I am better in theorism’s backyard (that’s right)
perceived arrogance is just realism on my part
inmate in a neon-prison where they despise smarts

This fruit-bowl’s all Clockwork Oranges & Plyer Nuts

and I’m bored senseless in a state of wry amok
unscrewing door-hinges with the aid of Fryer Tuck
taking more riches on raids and divide ’em up
fuck whore-bitches as if I gave a flying fuck

am I then stuck – as hater?
I’m just a stupid nerd according to Ocham’s razor
then again it’s the universe that’s fucked I’ll wager
according to Hanlon’s razor something that takes worth
‘Never attribute to malice that which can
be adequately explained by stupidity’ of the average man
so I suppose we got two closed theorems opposing one another?
I don’t even boast why I chose to here run and bother
but the immortal words of a dear gone author
‘Once you eliminate the impossible
whatever remains no matter how improbable
must be the truth’ are seriously proper
I may be biased but I think it implies this:
both me and the world are high pricks! Shit…

life! is not a bowl of cherries
life! is a bitch life has no cherry
life! is not lived solitary
life! is its own adversary

Life! scared me so much that my living daylights died!

life! should be taken with mines from smileys
life! should be borrowed in nines from Riley’s
life! is best lived in comatose
life! is my drug and I just took an overdose!

This is Intelligence/Extelligence Benevolence!

just where rap was invented is irrelevant
it wasn’t it’s a product of human extelligence development
you can’t claim ownership of an art-form then selling it
you dimwits give me a hard-on being unintelligent

I circumcised the cirumstances’ circumference

made a fucking circus out of my first appearance
it’s vivid and nice to see more worthless tenants
with an explicit advisory for working parants
you lot do such a good job you should get jerking clearance!

Because most produce creations counterproductive to creativity

hi! I’m artistic integrity remember me?
or are you just doing excellency an intended inequity?
I heard someone state that he held the mic like a memory
saying he’s nice with metaphors but in reality it’s a simile

If I appreciate the beauty in gold-bars am I Aztec or aesthetic?

What is the point of being religious
I…just don’t get this
neither Hell nor Heaven is on my wish list
shit kid I’m rooting for non-existence

Beautiful beyond belief in unpleasant manners like perfect skulls

have you lot ever been concerned at all?
that whatever you experience no matter the verge of small
only exists in your minds, is processed by your eyes
then sent to be analysed by your brain infallibly
so the whole of reality is inside your brain
and your brain inside what’s called reality despite what’s plain
that reality is nothing but a warped pit
distorted, contorted into a morbid forced mess
by more stress and the beliefs we choose to bend,
delusions and emotions fighting for the holdin’
indeed our darkest deeds that we chose not to be facin’
all of our self-righteous interpretations
this is what takes place in a normal brain n’
they are stating that I’m the one insane then?
what the fuck makes your understanding better than mine?!
‘Despicable! Hypocritical!’ is all I’m set to reply

And saying I’m a hypocrite while being hypocritical yourself is
let’s just drop it

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