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Still Forevermore

by Heini Reinert


I lay as dead in bed gently napping
then this sound in my head; some sentry rapping?
‘Who is this and who hath sent thee tapping,
clapping aptly at my champerdoor?’
I shook and looked at the bed I sat in
it took a while for my head to fathom
that this was not my bedroom mattress
where I had tactly lain and snored
‘If this be not my bedroom mattress…’
I inquired, said and asked it
‘then what ghastly dreads? disasters?
hath befallen this happy, gay young lord?’
silence was the deadly answer
though I might have not expected chatter
I tried the lock and stepped back fast for
two ravens said I’d never be sane no more!

Forever, forever
It will never be forever
Forever, forever
It will never last forever (Nevermore!)

even as I opened up the locked door
two ravens had flown in up did flutter
wings unfolding out did utter,
stoutly muttered, many a clever lore
round they flew my mind was racing
on this fellow yellow eyes were gazing
a word of ‘Hello’ the right was saying
brightly stating; ‘Nevermore!’
‘twixt me and the lamp they came in
pixie shadows ’round the camp were chasing
I steady readied to depart this place when
the darkest spake; ‘Friend, forget that door!’
and surely – surely as if he planned this
surely for me the door be vanished
if I ventured, he gestured toward me famished
sword a’ravish my neck a severed chord

at these foul fowls arouse my temper
should they be allowed to ’round me pester?
‘What do you think about me? A coward? Jester?’
I shouted – lectured as ever ‘fore
as unblinking, strong defenders
they sat there flicking at me embers
one was thinking, one remembered
‘We did get her; mai-den adored!’
‘Taken my maiden?’ I was ranting
‘Then I will thee nowhere but Hades’ rankings!’
terror then filled me on the quilt a man-thing
a shadow, thing shaped as feather bore
a shadow a’bore a thing was handling
a scythe I’m assured skilled in branding
and still I’m standing, still I’m standing
still standing still for evermore

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