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Sorrow, Mourning, and Self-Torment

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

An analysis of Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven”

By Heini Reinert


‘Once upon a midnight dreary’ on January 29, 1845, the immensely famous epic poem ‘The Raven’ was written and published for the first time in the New York Evening Mirror and was immediately well received by critics and pastime readers alike. Since then the popularity of this classic has all but diminished, as it frequently pays a visit to the odd English class or horror-forum and even to this date keeps spawning countless parodies and homages, spanning everything from guest appearances in The Simpsons, Mad Magazine and Batman to constrained writing exercises, computer terminological versions, an adaptation pertaining to Fermat’s Last Theorem1 and numerous musical interpretations.2

The reasons for the poem’s ever-growing popularity and appertaining analyses are as many as (more…)

Are you there God?

Monday, November 5th, 2007

The raven of inadequate pigmentation
Is back and sick of bitch’s shit and big abnegations
I decided to stick around to be bad & exhibit no abrasions
Henceforth I flow evasive to a tense court of soulless slaves
& I chose to lend force and be cold when facing
A hole in this place where I was thrown away from
Leave me alone & stay yon’ those played puns
Are flayed for fun; faith’s festering far beyond
I just hope my companions can forgive me farther on
I didn’t want to stay a far here from apart from bonds
I had spent a great deal of time building up
I’ve tried to heal and find (more…)

Still Forevermore

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

by Heini Reinert


I lay as dead in bed gently napping
then this sound in my head; some sentry rapping?
‘Who is this and who hath sent thee tapping,
clapping aptly at my champerdoor?’
I shook and looked at the bed I sat in
it took a while for my head to fathom
that this was not my bedroom mattress
where I had tactly lain and snored
‘If this be not my bedroom mattress…’
I inquired, said and asked it
‘then what ghastly dreads? disasters?
hath befallen this happy, gay young lord?’
silence was the deadly answer
though I might have not expected (more…)

Intelligence/Extelligence Benevolence

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

In the great hand of God I stand
and thence against the undivulged pretence
I fight of treasonous malice!
resent people keeping their intellect in their phallos

morally inept drank whiskey kept in a carpenteral chalice!
feminine sex – the weaker too strong – menstrual haggis *cough*
contempt consenting consensual habits’ the consequential tragic
socially unacceptable like I meant it to happen

But does the light cast the shadow or the shadow cast the light?

am I expected to do magic then (more…)


Monday, February 12th, 2007

The sweetest light shining bright
upon me
that gentle sound this voice is bound
to calm me
it drew me nigh with a sigh
I was captured
paradise on earth now life is worth
to live until the rapture
my biggest fear is that my dear
would depart me
I dwell not on if Im said wrong
by Socrates or Sartre
but now its here my nightmare
upon me
I will never hear that voices care
to calm me
too much to bear waking nightmare


Monday, February 12th, 2007

Pain darkness
your aim was heartless
promises broken
dominance as a token
familiars then friends
you still bar the entrence
for me to move through
you tore me cause it suits you
my emotions
drew me closely
strike a true fling
screw me then dispose me
like a used thing

As I was waitin’ for the bus

Friday, January 12th, 2007
As I was waitin’ for the bus
I met Satan and he just liked me
this perplexed me I just didn’t get he
really seemed to dig me so as my eyes swerve
into the rain and people begin to refrain
from walking right where the tires squirt I finally worked
up my nerve to inquire for
the cause of this unexpected fondness
the prince of darkness seemed to put on this dumbest
pathetic depressed kid so I said this:
“Excuse me Mr. Lucifer but what do you do this for?
why do you seem to hide in my dreams
delighting in themes worked up by my mind’s rubble?”
he just smiled and chuckled; “Please call me Bob, cool?”
and I saw drops drop smooth from his drop-dead due
and just then he’d not seem like one of the eldest
theological entities been walking for centuries
and he had his hair kinda’ like Elvis
probably to cover up his bent and creased
horns protruding through him
“Ok Bob” I spake up

with a certain amount of uneasiness since this WAS his greasiness

“But you still didn’t answer my query why you’re on my back then? It’s eerie…”

he glared at me the bemusement seemed to resign
I’d stare and see that fluids would seethe in his eyes
I was scared but didn’t flee or leave from his sight
I cared too much to be stupid so I let him speak up his mind
“Badness! I never tormented you or wanted your soul
‘there shall be a spawn of Satan but I’ve never had kids
nor clever magic so I don’t have tricks
to eager the time or make it move its rump on a whole”
he paused then to fold his collar up to his neck
I didn’t know what would be next or what to expect
but he’d just scuff and reflect
“You see the reason I follow you is because I’m fond of you
it’s not to plunder you nor because you’re phenomenal
you never wanted to do anything particularly wrong or crude
it’s true we’re not so unlike ol’ Bob and you…”
I’d then get we were the same mess the weird n’ me
I’d stare and see the resemblance with clarity
so as I was waiting for the bus
I met Satan and he was just like me…

Originally written some years ago