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Secret World Animanhattan Recipe

Friday, July 10th, 2015

While playing my favourite MMO, The Secret World, last Christmas I got a little consumable item called an Animanhattan. The flavour text reads:

A robust bourbon, sweet vermouth, dash of bitters, and a secret ingredient give this lavish cocktail an otherworldly kick.
Increases your out of combat health regeneration.

Being the drinks buff that I am, I knew I had to try making this! The flavour-text recipe is vague, and deliberately so, but that just leaves more room for creativity.



The bourbon

First order of business is figuring out what a “robust bourbon” is. I decided that as bourbons go, you probably can’t get more robust than a Tennessee Whiskey that’s too pretentious to call itself a bourbon. Besides I had to deal with the limited booze selection on the Faroe Islands, so it was pretty much either Jim Beam or Jack Daniels. Jim Beam makes for a nice Old Fashioned, but I would be remiss to call its inoffensive flavour “robust,” so Jack Daniels had to be it.

The Vermouth

Agartha - The Secret World

Agartha – The Secret World

Next was selecting a suitable Vermouth. I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong here, really. However, a classical Manhattan uses red Vermouth. I wanted a clear one, because I wanted a golden-coloured drink to go with the golden colours of Agartha and Anima; respectively the mystical world-tree realm and the source of magic found in The Secret World. With a name like “Animanhattan” the drink needed to not only taste but also look the part. The description specifies a sweet Vermouth, but given what I chose as the secret ingredient, I think it would be forgivable to choose a more dry route, if one were so inclined.

The secret ingredient

This is by far the vaguest bit of the falvour-text. Given the in-game psychadelic consequences of imbibing one of these drinks, I suspect we’re meant to believe it contains something psychotropic and perhaps even supernatural. Given the illegality of mind-altering substances and the non-existence of the supernatural, I couldn’t very well live that up. However, in my mind the secret ingredient could ever really be one thing anyway. In the Secret World the player character gains their newfound magical abilities by eating a bee. When she dies, her soul is whisked away by bees and reassmbled into a living body at an Anima conduit. The bees buzz about Agartha and some times share lore about ancient mysteries through their buzzing. There’s only one thing the secret ingredient could ever really bee – excuse me be – and that’s honey. I chose some liquified honey for ease of stirring.


Pieces of lore are beehive hexagonal in TSW

The bitters

Last as any bartending snob will tell you, if it doesn’t have bitters, it’s a sling not a cocktail. If you want to experiment, knock yourself out. However, Angostora bitters are a tried and true stable of drinks-making for a good reason. I added in a few dashes of those.

The finalised recipe

I created a little easily sharable image, because I have made peace with the fact that we no longer live in a world, where anyone reads more than 140 characters at a time. Enjoy!

Animanhattan RecipeP.s. Yes, I know it’s a Martini glass and not a cocktail glass. Don’t write in.

To Hitch

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I’ll just borrow this from the Friendly Atheist.

What if…

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

…the rapture actually did happen as Harold Camping foretold but we were all left behind?

Although take a look at this video and tell me you wouldn’t rather be in this world than the next.

Also rapture-happy Christians should read this website before issuing their next prediction.