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Sorrow, Mourning, and Self-Torment

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

An analysis of Edgar Alan Poe’s “The Raven”

By Heini Reinert


‘Once upon a midnight dreary’ on January 29, 1845, the immensely famous epic poem ‘The Raven’ was written and published for the first time in the New York Evening Mirror and was immediately well received by critics and pastime readers alike. Since then the popularity of this classic has all but diminished, as it frequently pays a visit to the odd English class or horror-forum and even to this date keeps spawning countless parodies and homages, spanning everything from guest appearances in The Simpsons, Mad Magazine and Batman to constrained writing exercises, computer terminological versions, an adaptation pertaining to Fermat’s Last Theorem1 and numerous musical interpretations.2

The reasons for the poem’s ever-growing popularity and appertaining analyses are as many as (more…)

Still Forevermore

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

by Heini Reinert


I lay as dead in bed gently napping
then this sound in my head; some sentry rapping?
‘Who is this and who hath sent thee tapping,
clapping aptly at my champerdoor?’
I shook and looked at the bed I sat in
it took a while for my head to fathom
that this was not my bedroom mattress
where I had tactly lain and snored
‘If this be not my bedroom mattress…’
I inquired, said and asked it
‘then what ghastly dreads? disasters?
hath befallen this happy, gay young lord?’
silence was the deadly answer
though I might have not expected (more…)