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Lyrics Schmyrics: Spaced Out & Rapped Up

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I’m 28 lightyears old!



Sure, Mr. Ladies Love and I’m about 14 x 109 years tall – give or take a few litres. Then again I can hardly hold that against you when your contribution to the Monstars Anthem was immediately preceded by a verse in which Method Man claims to be “Insane like a runaway train.”

It’s still an awesome song though…

Some old songs of mine

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

A few days ago some stranger contacted me on facebook and said she remembers having heard some of my songs a long time ago. She requested that I make them available yet again. Wow, I had no idea anyone actually remembers these. Let alone that anyone should want to hear them again.

They are very old and I think they are horrendous. However, if anyone wants them, here they are. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The beats to all of these are made by DJ Equinox, except for Sword Swingin’. I have absolutely no idea where that beat came from.

Sketch Sepahi – Valsendings Kjaftarí

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Sketch Sepahi – Say Shit

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DJ Equinox & Sketch Sepahi – Nightmare

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Sketch Sepahi – Paranoid

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Blacircus, Sketch Sepahi & Prinz Logan – Sword Swingin’

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Mp3 av hesum sanginum er at finna her.

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(Sangurin hjá Kristianni byrjar at spæla)
Kristian? Hvat feilar? Hvat er rólogt?
Sketch: Hvat Fanin?!
(ljóð av plátu ið verður tikin av ógvusliga)
Gulli: Heini, slappa av.
(ljóð av onkrum sum brotnar)
Gulli: Ikki bróta alt ísundur fyri tað.
Sketch: For Helviti gev mær eina mikrofon!
Gulli: Tað er í ordan, men so skalt tú eisini (more…)