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the mind of a drunk.

I will now try to think like a certain drunk that visited my bar last night.. Brace yourselves! Meaningless stupidity persues: – What is this..? A door? There is a window in this door.. I see pool tables inside.. There must be served alcohol where one can play pool! I shall enter this building with […]

my theme song!

I made this to give myself a theme song:) I´m a bit of a wackjob.. but I think everybody should have a theme song! ask me to make you one if you want one too:) Panda Theme Song Sketch Sepahi wanted one… I present to you.. Sketch theme aaand one for Ása the brainy girl:) […]


Goths, The New York Yankees, Oakland Raider FansCircle I Limbo George Bush, Republicans, The PopeCircle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind Hipsters, General asshatsCircle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow CreationistsCircle IV Rolling Weights PETA MembersCircle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled River Styx Militant VegansCircle VI Buried for Eternity River Phlegyas RednecksCircle […]

procrastinating, are we?

aaaaaaaaaaalrighty then… I am in school now, for those who read this miserable blog, but yet have no idea what I am all about.. that´s beautiful me in my beatiful hometown and the picture is taken by my beautiful boo;* now where was I… right.. I´m in school and it´s a great class.. most of […]

Oh, I´m sorry… didn´t mean to offend you!

compliments.. to women! they are…murder.. I mean.. men don´t give compliments! unless it´s pure sarcasm.. I come home from school/driving school or whatever I had been doing that day.. and the apartment is so fresh and clean:) there was a smell of flowers and the air was just so deliciously breathable! It made my day.. […]

the trip to Poland! part III

aah.. the wonderful “Hotel Ibis”… I was accomodated a room without any fuzz.. a cheap one.. well.. cheap to me atleast:) I walked up to the room and there was a huge bed and a TV that spat out 17 different entertaining channels (if you spoke the right languages) and a bathroom suitable for kings! […]

the trip to Poland! Part deux

alright… I had my DKR changed to funnymoney.. and now I had to find a cab driver.. easy as pie! they were right in front of me… I sat in the back of the nearest cab and immediately started fumbling with all the languages I know and I wish I knew.. the only word that […]

The trip to Poland! part 1

oooh… I had desided to go visit my girlfriend in Poland.. but the trip there seemed a bit problematic..  moneywise and how should I get there? airplane? bus? boat? taxi? feet? … I was checking out some possibilities… they were all quite expensive.. but have in mind that I was working on a ferry that […]

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