Rantings and Ravings

This is where I, from time to time, let my fingers do the talking:) my word is law on this site!

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my theme song!

I made this to give myself a theme song:) I´m a bit of a wackjob.. but I think everybody should have a theme song! ask me to make you one if you want one too:) Panda Theme Song Sketch Sepahi wanted one… I present to you.. Sketch theme aaand one for Ása the brainy girl:) […]

the time has come…

There is a time in every mans life when he has to say goodbye.. goodbye to good food.. goodbye to luxuries in his life.. goodbye to the closest one´s.. and just stand tall and face the music, how bad it might be! Sometimes, when the shit hits the fan, you have to stand with a […]

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